The HR Consultants

The HR Consultants


The HR Consultants needed to find a better way to make it as easy as possible for everyone to reduce time worrying about processes and systems and focus on what they need to.

Discovery Phase: Our Brief

Charlotte, the managing director, and her team were going through rapid and large growth within their business and client base. However, behind the scenes they were struggling with people remembering to update spreadsheets and HubSpot, duplications of effort; a lack of tracking of how they were doing and how things were being delivered and leads falling through the cracks due to an overcomplicated process.

In summary, what they were looking for was efficient simplicity.

During our initial sessions with The HR Consultants, we thoroughly mapped out their key processes, which enabled a clear picture of what tools fit best and what tools may have been missing that can enable greater visibility and improved delivery.

Design Phase: Our Solution

Charlotte and her team already had a HubSpot CRM but wasn’t configured to align with the existing Sales Processes within The HR Consultants. By leveraging Zapier and other existing licenses, automation was introduced to automate task creation, sending emails based on the stage in the sales process, reminders for tasks and follow-ups, managing monthly catch-up calls with, provide sales forecasting, having website leads go directly into their database, and integrate with Vonage for contact syncing/searching.

By connecting key applications together and leveraging automation to create tasks, projects and send emails. The aim of this solution was to create a simple and consistent workflow throughout a customer’s entire life cycle, while giving a clear oversight of how the business is performing from all aspects.

Charlotte summarises the project like this – “Magnetar developed and implemented an integrated solution to help us manage our day-to-day delivery of work with clients. In addition, they developed a suite of dashboards to enable our leadership team to have better visibility of business metrics.”

And the Result… An Interlinking System That Saves Time and Increases Productivity

By utilising HubSpot to its full potential and creating a series of KPI dashboards, with each one made especially for a certain aspect of the business or person, as well as setting up and integrating ClickUp and PandaDoc. Charlotte and the team have a whole system that not only interlinks but automates their whole business process and consequently gives them a CRM that works on their terms.

Thanks to the new system in place, Charlotte says – “we are more efficient in our delivery of work with clients. Our leadership team are more informed on activity across the business.”

Date: April 22, 2022

Author: Lewis

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