Tackling the digital divide – The UK Government must act now

Tackling the digital divide – The UK Government must act now


With 82% of jobs in the UK requiring various digital skills it is now more important than ever that the UK Government addresses the lack of digital skills a person has. Limited or no access to internet and digital devices in low-income areas due to the financial strain is the main cause of the problem. If it isn’t rectified by the UK government, Britain will take an economic hit.

At London Tech Week the digital minister Chris Philp was speaking of the newly launched digital strategy, here is what they focused on.

The Digital Strategy focuses on three key themes:


The UK government aims to back innovation in several critical technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), semiconductors and quantum computing. 


  • UK launching of a Digital Skills Council that will work directly with employers to encourage investment in employer-led training to upskill workforces. 
  • The Digital Skills Council will launch six new visa routes, with a maximum three-week turnaround for applications.


  • Government will encourage UK capital through pension funds, as well as investment from overseas.

Naomi Weir, CBI Director of Innovation, said: ‘We’re glad the government has heard our calls for a single vision for the digital economy, and the importance of streamlined regulation that supports investment and innovation. ‘At a time when the country is facing fierce headwinds, in the form of inflation and supply chain challenges, unleashing investment is more crucial than ever.

‘The digital sector is a bright spot in our economy, and an area where we’re punching above our weight internationally. ‘We can’t waste a moment in bringing this strategy to life, with action required on skills, regulation, cutting-edge tech adoption, and championing the role of digital trade. ‘Business and the CBI stand ready to work with government to make it happen.’

Date: September 12, 2022

Author: Morris

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