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When we implement new, more efficient IT systems, it often requires permanent migration of data from your existing systems to new ones. This can be a complex process, however, in the right hands, with experts such as ourselves, and with careful planning, it is safe and takes place with minimal disruption.

Migration of data can include:

  • Email migration
  • Financial data migration
  • Cloud migration
  • Application migration
  • Storage migration

IT is an essential element to the successful workings of your business. Any disruption is unwelcome and could threaten your reputation, as well as your ability to deliver goods and services.

Our IT support service takes a proactive approach to ensuring business continuity, trouble-shooting potential problems before they occur, identifying possible weak spots, and future proofing systems for scalability as the business grows.

We are never complacent; we monitor and maintain vital systems to ensure they are running reliably and efficiently. If you are unaware of any IT problems in your business, we deem this as a success on our part, that we have worked tirelessly in the background to maintain optimum service levels.

We offer a comprehensive service that looks after your entire IT infrastructure, through to responding to issues and training staff in use of IT and system processes.

Our support service contract includes:

  • Custom portal for requests for efficient reporting, tracking and resolution of problems
  • Quarterly IT system reviews – we identify any opportunities for upgrading systems to improve efficiencies, and conduct risk assessments to ensure security measures continue to be robust and fit for purpose
  • 24/7 monitoring throughout the year for security and performance issues – we will know about a problem before you, and respond as quickly as we can
  • Unlimited response to requests and incidents

This is a complex area, made more so by insurance providers whose policies are becoming increasingly complicated. Exceptions and exclusions are on the rise as cyber criminals become more sophisticated and persistent.

We can help you protect your business from the alarming increase in data breaches and ransomware attacks through our IT security; however, we also recommend having insurance in place, tailored specifically to your business, to offer an additional, comprehensive level of protection.

Our Cyber Insurance Assessment ensures that your business is covered adequately, and, in the event of a claim, you will receive payment.

We check and verify the accuracy of information submitted on your original insurance application and will document, on an ongoing basis, that your business has used ‘due care’ to reasonably secure its computer network against a breach.

Our Cyber Insurance service includes:

  • Connecting you to trusted insurance providers if you do not have a policy today
  • Auditing your existing policy to make sure it meets your actual requirements
  • Ensuring, that should the worse happen, all documentation required to get a claim fulfilled is in place
  • Addressing any further risks in the business that may have been overlooked
  • A regular review of the policy. We recommend at least once a year or whenever a change is introduced into the business that might have implications for your policy

Most of all, you need peace of mind that your business is adequately protected, and continues to be, even if as it grows or goes through change. Our Cyber Insurance service ensures your business stays compliant with the requirements of your policy, and monitors it on an ongoing basis.

Whilst the risk of a cyber-attack is real and ever present, you can rest assured that your business has the best security and insurance cover in place.

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