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In a world saturated with a sea of digital solutions, finding the right starting point might seem like an overwhelming task. This is where Magnetar comes into play – your compass, guiding you through the maze of possibilities to uncover the ideal digital transformation journey for your business.

Your choice of a digital transformation partner isn’t just a decision – it’s a pact to reshape the course of your business. Join hands with Magnetar, and together, let’s script a saga of success, innovation, and limitless possibilities with your trusted IT Solution Provider. Your future is digital – let’s make it extraordinary.

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Digital Transformation is a powerful, and sometimes overused word, but in the context of digital technology, it is fitting for the impact it delivers. Businesses truly can transform – their operations as well as their fortunes!

You’ll know however, that there is a plethora of ‘digital solutions’ to choose from, so where do you start?

We’re pleased you’ve landed here on our website, and hope to give you clear guidance and inspiration to help you choose Magnetar as your next trusted partner in IT.

Digital transformation is a catch-all term for the many and varied ways that adopting new cloud and digital technology can enhance the workings of a business, often by replacing manual processes.

Some examples are

  • Cloud accounting – sharing financial data across numerous sites and users with real time updates
  • Automation of repetitive tasks – for consistency and efficiency
  • Data processing – to produce reports for quicker and more effective decision making
  • Trigger marketing – in direct response to customer interactions on your website
  • Data mapping to identify trends and make predictions
  • Digital mail flow – reducing the need for paper so improving your company’s carbon footprint

With so many different ways of improving the inner workings of an organisation, business owners and leaders can often feel paralysed by overwhelm, and not know where to start. At Magnetar, we pride ourselves on providing clear, intelligent information and advice, on which decisions can be made and actions put into place.

This is where the discovery process of our service starts, so that we can establish how your business operates, what its pain points are in terms of inefficiencies and frustrations, and ultimately what business goals you‘d like to achieve. This is an in-depth consultation, so we understand where you are now, and begin a process that culminates in a clear and tailored specification that will deliver a digital transformation.

We are a team of passionate IT experts with an unusual drive to enlighten clients on the wonders of modern technology! That means we use our talent, knowledge and expertise to understand your business first and foremost, then identify and specify the best new systems and IT that are needed to meet our jointly agreed objectives.

We’re always results and outcomes oriented; the most rewarding part of our work is seeing the difference it makes to the organisations we work with.

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