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The advent of new tougher GDPR rules and regulations, along with headline stories of data security breaches at major well known corporations, has highlighted the need for more robust management and protection of data, and for all businesses to take cyber security more seriously.

It’s an area under constant threat as cyber criminals find increasingly sophisticated ways of breaching security measures. With the prevalence of data held on personal as well as work devices, there is certainly no room for complacency.

It is possible however, to tailor security measures to the needs of your business, preventing unauthorised access to the vast amounts of sensitive information being stored and shared on all devices.

Here’s how we do it:

We start with an audit review, to see what measures you have in place, identify weak spots and specify what’s needed to remove those vulnerabilities. We will also assess how well your current measures comply with any industry sector regulations.

Here is what else is included in our security audit:

  • We remove any redundant or obsolete hardware or software no longer needed
  • We examine existing technology, applications and access rights to data for possible risk of data breaches, theft or hacks
  • We review your staff exit policy to ensure processes are in place to remove password access and renew passwords
  • We check that security training for all staff is up to date and part of a continuous process
  • We identify what is needed to ensure regulation compliance e.g. for HIPAA, SHIELD, CCPA, GDPR, etc.

Extra security can be added to messages such as emails using data encryption. This means that messages are scrambled or encoded and can only be read by an intended recipient who holds the key to decrypt and read that information, ensuring confidentiality.

The same process can be applied to data held on computers, so that it is only accessible to authorised users.

We work in partnership with you to ascertain which messages and data require encryption, and put the technology and process in place to implement this robust ecurity measure.

A two-step verification process helps to ensure users have genuine rights to access applications, data, hardware and software. This adds an additional layer of security, making it harder for cyber criminals to bypass login and password gateways.

We recommend this extra level of verification for all sensitive materials and work with you to establish a policy for roll out of MFA in accordance with which users and sensitive information require those extra levels of protection.

Would you like to know if someone has tried to breach your data security measures?

With system monitoring in place, you will be alerted to such an event as it happens. This allows you to check that your data is still secure, to take action if necessary, and to check that no breach has in fact taken place.

Monitoring forms part of your regulatory requirements, and is provided as standard within our Cyber Security contract.

We will put in place a monitoring service that

  • Monitors all your IT systems
  • Observes and reports on network traffic and user activity
  • Reviews and refines monitoring systems as and when necessary
  • Centralises the monitoring process for improved visibility
  • Back ups the procedures we put in place with a documented monitoring strategy and supporting policies

What would happen if we simulated a cyber-attack on your systems? Would it stand the test? Penetration testing allows us to check if there are any vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit, and is an effective method of improving security whilst giving you peace of mind.

It will also highlight where your strengths lie, which in turn can be recorded for inclusion in your compliance documentation.

We perform penetration testing on a regular basis, including each time new systems are brought online, to continually test and take appropriate action where necessary.

Cyber security is a priority concern for every organisation, which is why we monitor the nature and prevalence of any latest threats and keep abreast of new security measures that we can put in place. It keeps us one step ahead of the next potential security breach. It is our responsibility to look after this for you, so you can focus on running your business.

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