Digital ID to hit UK Cinemas

Digital ID to hit UK Cinemas


What is a digital ID or certificate?

A digital ID is a piece of identification to prove who you are. Also known as a digital certificate, it helps prove your identity.  The digital ID will show the verified photo of the person who is using it as well as a hologram that moves when the phone is tilted, for anti-spoofing purposes.

UK Cinemas

Major cinema chains in the UK will now accept digital identification as proof of age. UK Cinema Association members including Cineworld, Odeon, Showcase Cinemas, and Vue will be accepting the Yoti digital ID app to verify someone’s age.

How can you create your digital ID?

  • Download the free Yoti (or Post Office EasyID app) app
  • Add a photo ID and a current photo to verify your identity.
  • Open the Yoti app – tap to show the ID card and select age (no other personal details are shared)
  • Present the ID card to cinema staff

Moving forward

The digital ID comes as a breakthrough for technology. The next steps for the UK’s use of digital identify have been advised by the government.

Digital Infrastructure Minister Matt Warman said:

“Digital technology is helping us through the pandemic and continues to improve the way we live, work and access vital services.

We want to make it easier for people to prove their identity securely online so transactions can become even quicker – it has the potential to add billions to our economy.

I’ve set out further detail on our proposals and I look forward to working with partners in the private sector to unlock the UK’s digital identity economy.”

Hannah Gurga, Managing Director of Digital Technology & Cyber at UK Finance, said:

“Removing the barriers to creating secure digital identities, combined with the necessary safeguards, will make it easier for people to use online services while at the same time helping to prevent criminal activity such as money laundering and terrorism. Developing a legal framework for digital identity is therefore an important next step and we look forward to working with the Government as it develops its proposals.”

Date: June 27, 2022

Author: Morris

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