5 Ways Your Business Benefits from Automation

5 Ways Your Business Benefits from Automation


Here are our 5 ways that business process automation can help your business

When you think of business process automation, some of the biggest benefits that come to mind are improved productivity and increased efficiency. The importance of automation in business is crucial to helping you do more with less by introducing smarter workflows and removing redundant tasks. Business automation also increases the visibility of what’s happening in your daily operations as well as the quality of what is happening, which ultimately frees up even more time to focus on critical business matters.


1) Better visibility

Maintaining separate spreadsheets and processes makes it challenging to really see how well your business is doing. To see how many projects are completed a month or the speed projects are delivered, you may need to gather information about each employee’s performance to view the company as a whole. Automation tools increase the visibility into your business’s operations by centralising your data.


2) Improved business continuity

When a process demands specific individuals to be present in a business you create a dependency, this can delay or stop projects all together! Introducing automation to ensure things are done in the same way regardless of who is doing them is an amazing benefit of business process automation..


3) Organisation Improved

Automation tools distribute information effortlessly. For instance, when you automatically create n order for some new work and can invoice it from the same platform, all of the information regarding the work is in the same place which means you don’t have to go looking for it logging into several systems.


4) Consistency

Human error can creep into any process, when you utilise automation you can create an extremely consistent processes. A good example is welcome emails to new customers, as you onboard a customer you give each customer the exact same experience based on triggers such as a field in your CRM is updated to ‘Customer’.


5) Increased Focus

By reducing the overall amount of different tasks a team has to complete, means that each team member can focus on individual tasks and deliver better quality. By taking as many tasks as possible and automating them, you relieve the requirement for a team to juggle and struggle.


Here is a great video from Summit 7 regarding why Business automation is so important!

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Date: September 14, 2020

Author: Magnetar IT

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