4 Remote Working Tools Your Business Needs

4 Remote Working Tools Your Business Needs


As businesses continue to adjust how they operate, entire industries have shifted to remote working.

We have put together a list of remote working tools which are fundamental to your teams and will help keep them connected. Take a look and see if you’ve got the essential foundations covered.


Screen Sharing

This has always be prevalent within the IT industry but now we are seeing the massive uptake in businesses new to remote working, this capability enables the side of desk work help and demonstrations that were so easy in the office setting.


Video Calls

Being able to see people when you communicate makes all the difference, to overcome this challenge introduces a simple, effective video conferencing system. A video conferencing tool enables you the option to record online meetings – a handy feature under normal circumstances. Microsoft Teams does an amazing job of this and sends out the link to all attendees to watch at their own leisure once a meeting is finished.


Instant Messaging

The use of instant messaging has been on the rise for years within businesses as it eases the inbox activity. This helps keep internal communications separated to the Email channel which often contains a lot of work from your customers. Easily start and separate project chats, to keep all project-related work in a specific group/channel.


Management Dashboard

Managing remote workers can be a real challenge if as a manager you do not have the right tools to do the job. Having dashboards that can help you see your teams work from a birds-eye view can help identify issues, such as potential bottle necks. Being able to see emails workload, calls inbound/outbound and project statuses with ease is incredibly valuable so that the manager can focus on doing what they do best not chase for information and updates.


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Date: October 26, 2020

Author: Magnetar IT

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